This page is in case I start tracking loot for the group. It is likely the group will make those decisions as they go and make their own notes though.

Sendan recovered a large ruby from the corpse of a small evil doll thing that was stalking him. (That Mad Harriet spotted).
They also recovered what looks like a poison coated dagger.
(Yes, this is the first real loot they have ran into other than what was recovered from the ship wreckage.)

DAY 11
(More Non-Group Loot Items Divied Out)

Fafnir: Thirsty Blade Scimitar +1 (2 vs wounded opponents)

Mad Harriette: Staff of Holding +1

Innovo: Cold Iron Morningstar +1 “Phoenix” (Wraps wielders hand in uncomfortable ice that makes it undroppable until it is touched with fire. Grants 5 Fire DR. +1d6 damage to outsiders and flame based creatures.)

Sendan: Masterwork Light Crossbow (1d10 dmg) with a case of 20 special magic bolts (all +1)
(5 fire starters, 5 blunt tipped, 5 standard, 5 phasing)

Zoltar: Cloak of Light and Willpower (+1 to will save and can turn on a 30 ft light at will while worn)

(NOT YET CLAIMED, But likely going to Mad Harriette)
Ring of Elven Farsight (Grants 60’ lowlight and each full range increment only imposes a cumulative –1 penalty on your attack roll and your Spot skill checks only receive a cumulative -1 per 20 feet of distance.)

Other potions and items added to group loot.


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