Spell Point System

We will be utilizing the Spell Point system instead of standard spell memorization in this game.
Information on this system can be referenced here: d20 SRD Spell Points

We will have a small house rule tweak to the system however, as follows:

Spell Point Recovery
With the base system a spell caster still has to rest a full 8 hours but I want to tweak that slightly so that a spell caster who uses up their spell points early in the day doesn’t have to wait around a full day or go rest for another immediate 8 hours to get the points back.
Instead, a combination of rest and study will get the job done as follows:

1st hour (study): +1 spell point
2nd hour (uninterrupted from first, rest and/or study): +2 more spell points (3 so far)
3rd hour (uninterrupted from previous, rest and/or study): +3 more spell points (6 so far)
4th hour (same as above): +4 more spell points (10 so far)
5th hour +5 spell points (15 so far)
6th hour +6 spell points (21 so far)
7th hour +7 spell points (28 so far)
8th hour (all spell points recovered)

Using this system it is important to remember how it treats spells that get more dice as you gain levels such as magic missiles, fireballs and lightning bolts. Normally a 5th level character casting a 3rd level spell (Fireball) gets 5d6 damage, at 6th level 6d6, and so on.
Using a spell point system a 7th level spell caster doesn’t automatically get a 7d6 fireball for the same price as any 3rd level spell. Each additional die beyond the base needed to cast that spell cost an additional spell point. So in that case the 5d6 fireball costs 5 points, 6d6=6, 7d6=7 (maximum of current level.)

It’s also good to remember that spell casters that need to prepare spells for the day still have to do so. A cleric can prepare a number of spells as they would normally be able to cast for the day (without factoring in bonus spells from wisdom). A high wisdom adds to spell points based on the straight bonus value. (18 WIS = +4 spell points).

Spell Point System

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