While the Jenivere is a merchant ship, primarily concerned with delivering goods to and from Sargava, she’s traditionally kept several compartments open to take on paying passengers. This trip is no exception. At the start of the campaign, the PCs probably number among these passengers, along with six other travelers aboard the vessel. As the characters have spent some time aboard the Jenivere, they have at least passing familiarity with these others making the passage to Sargava, and a few notable members of the Jenivere’s crew.

NPCs on the Jenivere

  • Aerys Mavato (Half-elf) Aerys Mavato
    Aerys is a trim, athletic woman with short dark hair, tanned skin, and fierce blue eyes. She dresses in tightly fitted leather armor and favors dark clothing and tricorn hats.
    This severe half-elven woman boarded in Port Peril, where she immediately got into a scrape with
    a crude sailor. She spends most of her time in her bunk, seeming to purposefully avoid fraternizing with the ship’s other passengers.
  • Alizandru Kovack (Human, Captain of the Jenivere)
    A Chelish man whose family has made the Magnimar to Eleder run for generations, Captain
    Kovack is pleasant enough with his passengers, but a strict disciplinarian when dealing with his crew.
  • Alton Devers
    The Jenivere’s first mate is friendly with both passengers and crew, but he sometimes seems to
    chafe under the strong discipline of Captain Kovack.
  • Gelik Aberwhinge (Gnome)
    A sharply dressed gnome from Magnimar, Gelik spends much of his time writing in the
    ships’ common areas, and takes every opportunity to tell long-winded stories, boast of past journeys, or quip about anything in his field of view.
  • Ieana
    A bookish Varisian scholar who tends to keep to herself, Ieana is traveling to Sargava to explore the ancient ruins there. Rumors aboard the ship alternately suggest that she’s the Jenivere’s owner, a Chelish agent, or Captain Kovack’s secret lover. Ieana keeps mostly to
    herself, and grows more intent on her studies with each mile the ship travels closer to Eleder.
  • Ishirou (Human)
    A scruffy human of Tian heritage, Ishirou boarded at Bloodcove and waits to reach Sargava with a
    quiet eagerness. Aloof but not rude, he gives the impression of one who has had a hard life but find himself currently without direction.
  • Jask Derindi (Human)
    A prisoner loaded aboard in Corentyn, Captain Kovack sees to this taciturn human’s needs with
    curt courtesy, but insists he be left alone, sequestered in the ship’s brig.
  • Rambar Terillo
    taciturn man from Senghor, Ship’s Cook Terillo has served in that capacity aboard several
    ships, though apparently not on account of his culinary skills, which seem to be limited to watery soups.
  • Sasha Nevah (Human)
    This red-haired human boarded the Jenivere in Ilizmagorti. Since leaving Mediogalti Island, the
    woman’s somber demeanor has gradually faded, revealing a boisterous and optimistic personality. None have yet questioned her about her missing left pinky finger.



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