Experience Log in case someone forgets! We are using standard xp rates. Level 2 is reached at 2,000 xp.

(PC’s get 50 xp per day when not present for various ‘camp duties’)

Day 1

  • Various xp amounts were given. I don’t recall exactly everything but three people got xp for the first fight with the water scorpions. (May have been 135 each??)
  • Another 3 people got xp for making the attempt on the Jeneviere, killing the scorpion there and retrieving the cargo.
  • (+50 each to those getting cargo for sure, other than the scorpion.)
  • Another run in with a large spider and some monkeys finished up that day. XP details to be filled in if get them.
  • Spider was 60
  • Monkeys were 70

Day 2

  • +240 xp each for the pterodon battle.
  • +80 xp each for the giant lizard battle. Even though Ishirou did most of the killing, the group was there to assist somewhat.
  • (Characters for players unable to participate this night still did their part at the camp and earned +100 xp)


  • +100 xp for character backgrounds / special Q&A by:
    -- * Zoltar
    -- * Mad Harriette
    -- * Fafnir
    -- * Sendan
    -- * Innovo

Day 3
Zoltar, Fafnir, Sendan and Innovo
+125 Constrictor snake battle
Day spent in training with Sasha, all PC’s earn +1 initiative bonus permanent.

Day 4
Zoltar, Fafnir, Sendan and Innovo
+100 Killed a dimorphodon
+100 Poisonous snake battle (Zoltar got poisoned bad)

Day 5-6
No Xp

Day 7
Zoltar, Fafnir, Sendan and Innovo
+250 xp, Three Dimorphodons battle.

Day 8
Zoltar, Fafnir, Sendan, Innovo and Mad Harriet:
Zombie Fight +160 xp each
Zoltar and Innovo +10 xp each on vine cutting, +5 for everyone else cheering them on.
Spider, +100 xp each
+50 bonus xp for an epic day and good travels.

Day 9
(For some reason I don’t have exact notes on this day’s xp so I may need help)
Escaping the ‘spider dome’: 200 xp for Mad Harriet for making a way with her solvent.
Mad Harriet and Sendan went back for the gear left behind and fought a demonic looking voodoo child doll (300 xp each for them two), Sendan recovered a gem from the corpse.

Let’s see now.. the group traversed the ravine, made it to the cabin, Zoltar tore it a part. They then climbed the hill and ran into a poisonous snake which was quickly dispatched for about 75 xp each but I don’t know what exactly I gave on that one.

Then, the group reached the top of the hill and were surrounded by their first encounter with the natives, x5. The should have led to 200 xp each but I think I gave a tad more to help push some folks over the level line. Everyone has made level 2.

Day 10
100 xp (traps and spider)

Day 11
900 xp (Barb Camp / Boss)


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