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Day 1, We seemed to have crashed...

Journal Entry
Day 1 of ‘oh gods why’

Crap, crap, crap. We seemed to have washed ashore.. or maybe were drug ashore after the Jenivere crashed in some cove on the island of Smuggler’s Shiv. I know it’s the shiv because of where we were when last night came. There is no other area with cliffs and rocks like I’ve seen out in the water than the shiv. A few of the braver folks we woke up with managed to kill off some water scorpions and we all realized there must have been something strange going on for all of use to have been.. what? Were we drugged? Some crazy spell? I don’t know, maybe it was that damnable witch.. or at least that was my first guess but now I don’t know. The captain is missing along with the cook and Ieana, that book lady. A good chunk of us who survived went out and found the Jenivere, it was wrecked alright. The ocean has consumed it fully by now but they brought back some supplies at least. I hope we get rescued soon. My tolerance for such horrid conditions is limited but I will have be optimistic… I guess. The witch, they call her mad, hadn’t even begun to go hungry before she started asking whether or not we were worthy enough to survive and partake of the food we managed to pull together. We will all do our part of course, we just have to survive long enough for.. what? I don’t know. They killed a huge spider, I mean, bigger than me. Ugh, and monkeys. Well, they can eat the monkey meat they put together, I’ll stick to my rations thank you very much. Well, its getting too dark to write now. Our camp fire is low and the jungle is full of some crazy noises. If we are here long.. mabye we can find the ship. That would be amazing.

Gelik Aberwhinge

Night 1

Night time is upon us! At least the heat is gone. I lit a candle because.. this just had to be mentioned. The jungle is eerily quiet. I got to peruse the Captain’s Logbook and it is disturbing indeed. I have questions for those not among us but the real question at the moment is, what on earth is that green glow out in the water.. I’m almost afraid to mention it to the others, they may fear me ’touched in the head.

Gelik Aberwhinge

Day 2

No, No, No. This is not good. We are all doomed here! If anyone is reading this in Eleder please tell Selma Advere to never give up. It was not by chance that we became stranded here. The Nightvoice is bound to be here and if I find it, I will leave clues! Aas, I fear we will all be doomed and never find her. I don’t trust any of these people, well most of them anyway. I fear they are suffering from brain fire or some such disease that is causing them to go mad.

I suppose I must log the day’s activities. It will help me to keep track of time and perhaps sanity. Jasik, the ‘holy’ prisoner went fishing with Sasha the fiery red head down in the cove. They brought back plenty of fish to that was good but I’ll be damned if I clean any of them, amateurs. Ishirou the brave managed to slay a giant lizard in two brilliant slices. It was likely coming to partake of the smelly monkey meat in our camp. This could be a problem for hungry carnivores on the island who want to share our food… not that I’d eat any of that stringy meat! Aerys the elven beauty and Elrohir the elven tree hugger were guarding camp as well but they and our ‘scouting party’ all ran at the beast bravely, but were too slow compared to that masterful katana wielded by Ishirou. I’m glad he is protecting us.

The scouting party consists of the group I like to call ‘everyone else’. We have our guards, we have our hunters and then we have those brave souls who think they have some kind of chance surviving the wilds of this island to make it to some supposed lighthouse on the southern end of the place.. or so says the white haired witch who thinks she is an orc. SEE, I told you they were mad! Doomed already! Anyway, they seemed to have scouted along the coast some and returned with the carcasses of some flying reptiles and couple of the beasts eggs that Sasha promptly requested to babysit and raise as her own children. I’d have suggested she go lay with some lizardfolk for a similar effect but doubt the offspring would have wings. May they grow up to eat the skin from her flesh for being stupid enough to think she can raise such wild beasts. I mean come on, who keeps dinosaurs for pets! Oh.. yea. Uh, nevermind. I tell you, tall women have their heads in the clouds. Give me a gnomish lass or maybe .. with enough ale, a dwarven woman… just have to double check the gender on those of course. (I’ve heard stories!) They also reported a shipwreck! I’m going to try to convince our group of ‘everyone elsers’ to investigate each wreck they come across.. to at least get close enough to see if they can read a name. Oh how the society would welcome me into their arms once again if I could find her!

Lastly, our camp is finally making some sort of sense now. We have a perimeter being built up and some tents and overhangs for shelter. That should help keep the bugs out.. just wish it could help with this dang heat!

Gelik Aberwhinge

Journal Change

Gelik’s Journal has been moved to it’s own wiki page.
Next session don’t let me forget to discuss the diplomacy skill with everyone. It is more versatile that just ‘speak and make a roll’ !

XP, Food, Gelik Updates

Four game days have passed on this past Sunday nights adventures. (Half of which were spent recovering from diseases and poisons!) Xp, Food Log, Camp Map, Island Map and Gelik’s Journal have been updated.

Also added the camp defense map and overland hex map of the island.

Day 8, Water Adventures

With some friendly prompting from Gelik the adventurers Mad Hariette, Zoltar, Sendan, Fafnir and Innovo set out to make the long trek south to try and reach the highest point on the island to get a good look at the place. They had a harrowing encounter with four zombies along the way that nearly ran Harriet’s pet Sleestak off into the woods never to return. The battle was rough going for a bit, a couple of the heroes found themselves on their backs after the hefty zombie-slams they were suffering. Innovo’s anti-undead blasts were well put to use against the creatures. Zoltar attempted to intimidate one of them but quickly found that the undead literally couldn’t care less about one thing anyone had to say.

Next they ran across a patch of viper nettles at a river split that Mad Harriet recognized as having some great curative type properties. (A nat 20 heal check will do that!) They promptly hacked their way through the dense thicket to harvest the berries. Innovo managed to cure the sickening rash that Zoltar had suffered in the picking process easily enough.

The band then spent a couple hours fashioning a couple of rafts to quickly get down the river and after a couple of unbalanced splashy swims on the rough waters in the middle of a downpour they finally started slowing down near the rivers end only to have a giant spider land right in the midst of Sendan, Fafnir and Innovo. The battle was quite intense with Zoltar and Mad Harriet quickly taking a dip in the water as they tried to slow down and get back to help the others but between Fafnir’s magical attacks, Sendan’s deft blade and Innovo’s epic spider beheading move, they managed well enough and reached the end of the river shortly after just as night was falling to set up camp. Sendan had suffered a spider bite towards the end of the battle and was unable to even move as they pulled up into shallow water. (His 8 STR was now a 1 !). Two lesser restoration potions (600 gp value) later and he was able to walk again instead of floundering around like a deformed cripple, moaning at everyone like he was one of the zombies.

The rain stopped just as night arrived and the group was able to have a restful night and use the next day to finally reach the pinnacle of the island and see what they could see.

Spider Fight

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Day 8 Map

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Day 9

The group woke to a strange sight. Zoltar was on guard duty in the wee hours of the morning but had not noticed that a web like dome had ‘grew’ around them in the dark night. They tested it with a rock and found that it was indeed a sticky web-like substance. Not one to stick around Mad Harriet broke out a bottle of universal solvent and melted a man sized hold in the side of the dome while Sendan noticed a ‘shiny’ light at the top of the center of the web dome.

Daylight was just starting to break when he shot an arrow straight up at the light. The arrow thunked into what was right above the light, something solid.. and large. What looked like tree trunks around the outside of the dome began to move and were quickly interpeted to be large legs of the darkness that was hovering over the web dome, that of some gigantic spider beast with legs that had to at least be twenty feet long, all eight of them. This thing was as big as a house.

Our heroes did the only sane thing any group of level 1’s would do, and ran. Promptly leaving all their gear behind in the process.

After a long run to the edge of a ravine Sendan (the only one with stealth) went back for the gear. Mad Harriet was soon to follow to make sure everything went ok. Sendan got the gear fine but when he and Mad Harriet finally crossed paths Mad Harriet noticed a small dark figure shadowing the rogue. Mad Harriet ambushed the child like voodoo doll looking creature but the thing latched on to Mad Harriet’s long hair (with which she attacked the doll) and promptly started levitating the duo up in the air and above the tree line. Mad Harriet finally managed to kill it with only a forty foot drop to the ground wherein she managed to use her immensely strong hair to latch onto the upper branches of a tree and only take minimal damage for the drop.

Back with the group everyone then made their way along the high side of a ravine that was blocking them from the tallest part of the island, which was their goal, and spend the next few hours making it to the only spot on the island that had a safe traversable slope up to the hilltop. The group found a path at that point which led to a long abandoned shack that Zoltar promptly tore apart because.. it was what he does. After slaying the shack-beast they made their way up the hill and took a good look at what they could see of the island. One of the group did a little minor digging and found a broken spade (shovel) just under the surface, it was about then that five of the islands humanoid inhabitants made their appearance in what would prove to be a very close battle. Those barbarian types sure hit hard, but Zoltar was hitting harder, dropping one after another. A couple of the group dropped but the ever stoic Innovo kept the group alive with his healing magics. It was a long ninth day but they survived… and spotted what looked like the top of a lighthouse in the far southwest corner of the island. There was yet hope of escape!


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