The Serpents Skull

Day 10 + 11

(Catching up!)

Day 10

The group headed west the next day, they soon found themselves on a well worn path that they soon discovered was laden with trip wires and nooses. Mad Harriet (I believe) was the first to get yanked into the air and slammed into a spike laden tree. Zoltar (the half orc barbarian) had the bright idea to run, leap and grab the witch out of the air and hope their combined weight would break the rope. It didn’t go quite as planned. Zoltar and Mad Harriet slammed BACK into the tree spikes before the tree limb broke, dropping them to the ground painfully.

After that, the rogue was out in front spotting for traps. Lesson learned.

The prisoner that was being dragged along (in Mad Harriet’s hair) was soon killed after the group came to a crossroads and he told them (correctly so) that his tribes main camp was to the south. I forget what finally led to the decision for his death but it likely involved his continued snide demeanor.

Later on more traps were bypassed along with an eight legged distraction before the group set up for the end of night 10.

Day 11

The group found themselves set upon by a group of zombies as morning broke, promptly dispatching them before the group finally made their way to where the lighthouse was, which was also surrounded by a barbarian village.

At the camp Innovo attempted diplomacy and quickly found himself captured and locked in the butchery pen so the group was left without a primary healer as they entered camp and the second round of negotiations broke down into a battle.

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Zoltar made his way through the battlefield to break the cleric out just in time to help keep the group alive. Skeletons, barbarians and a mean looking lizard died before the ‘king of the hill’ a tall muscle bound red headed barbarian burst out of the base of the lighthouse. The battle was close with Mad Harriet finding herself in the red (-2) at the hands of the crit-happy barbarian. Zoltar was tied up with that same barbarian on the ground in a wrestling match as the barb leader made his way around putting a hurt on the group. The BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) was making his away around the fight while Zoltar was frustrated with being tied up in a ground fight so he promptly bit the throat out of the barbarian he was fighting and swung his 2-Handed blade at the leg of the passing leader, promptly severing his calf muscle and interrupting his charge at the magus Fafnir who slipped a shocking grasp empowered blade up through the chin and into the skull of the red headed leader, promptly ending the battle.

The party searched the camp, gathered some treasure and found the top of the lighthouse to be ‘incomplete’, a project that would take their untrained selves many days to fix if they devoted their time to it. While at the top of the lighthouse clouds rolled across the island from all directions, gathering swiftly in the east where lightning struck the ground over and over in the distance creating a long roaring sound that lasted a few minutes before the clouds dissipated as quickly as they gathered.

Lastly, the group took note of a couple other interesting things at the camp that were of note. One, in a small room in the base of the lighthouse was some wrappers marking rations from the Jennivere, what this meant was still a mystery. Secondly, there was alot of wooden planks covering a pit near the center of the camp surrounded by climbing ropes, stakes and the hint of a breeze rolling into the deep black hole underneath. That with MORE roaring sounds in the east later that evening, left the group with more questions than answers on the island.



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