The Serpents Skull

Day 8, Water Adventures

With some friendly prompting from Gelik the adventurers Mad Hariette, Zoltar, Sendan, Fafnir and Innovo set out to make the long trek south to try and reach the highest point on the island to get a good look at the place. They had a harrowing encounter with four zombies along the way that nearly ran Harriet’s pet Sleestak off into the woods never to return. The battle was rough going for a bit, a couple of the heroes found themselves on their backs after the hefty zombie-slams they were suffering. Innovo’s anti-undead blasts were well put to use against the creatures. Zoltar attempted to intimidate one of them but quickly found that the undead literally couldn’t care less about one thing anyone had to say.

Next they ran across a patch of viper nettles at a river split that Mad Harriet recognized as having some great curative type properties. (A nat 20 heal check will do that!) They promptly hacked their way through the dense thicket to harvest the berries. Innovo managed to cure the sickening rash that Zoltar had suffered in the picking process easily enough.

The band then spent a couple hours fashioning a couple of rafts to quickly get down the river and after a couple of unbalanced splashy swims on the rough waters in the middle of a downpour they finally started slowing down near the rivers end only to have a giant spider land right in the midst of Sendan, Fafnir and Innovo. The battle was quite intense with Zoltar and Mad Harriet quickly taking a dip in the water as they tried to slow down and get back to help the others but between Fafnir’s magical attacks, Sendan’s deft blade and Innovo’s epic spider beheading move, they managed well enough and reached the end of the river shortly after just as night was falling to set up camp. Sendan had suffered a spider bite towards the end of the battle and was unable to even move as they pulled up into shallow water. (His 8 STR was now a 1 !). Two lesser restoration potions (600 gp value) later and he was able to walk again instead of floundering around like a deformed cripple, moaning at everyone like he was one of the zombies.

The rain stopped just as night arrived and the group was able to have a restful night and use the next day to finally reach the pinnacle of the island and see what they could see.



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