The Serpents Skull

Day 13 (ish)

Brief summary update here to try and catch up the last couple of games.

The group moved on from the barbarian outpost, leaving the unrepaired lighthouse behind to investigate suspicions to the east. With their clues they made their way to a hilltop where some obelisks were found that lined up with the information they found in the den mothers caverns.
With some trial and error (not to mention fighting the dreaded winged beast that had been haunting them from time to time), they were able to activate the device that drained the nearby cover of water, revealing the entrance to some underground structure of some sort.

They made their way down to enter the doors that had opened with the fall of the water and met up with a water mephit in a sunken ship who seemed quite mad, yet interesting and oddly enough, they were able to convince the creature to accompany them for a short time for the promise of ‘raising the water’ back up, which they had no idea how to accomplish (but he didn’t know that!).

Just before entering the complex, a troop of watery denizens rose out of the water. It was a military contingent of aquatic merfolk that led to some strange discussions. They promptly arrived, having been ‘notified’ of the ‘princess’ being back in the water, which was actually the result of the witch ‘Mad Harriette’ (the human woman who thought she was an orc), having put on a pearl comb in her hair, that when she entered water (which she had to do to cross over to the entrance).
* This tidbit of information was merely hinted at in the game and if anyone actually reads this, you now know fully why.

They were convinces Mad Harriett was their long lost merfolk princess trapped in human form and agreed, rather, insisted, that they accompany her to face whatever challenges she had immediately in front of her so that she could then return back with them to their under water kingdom to help them defeat their enemies, which was fortold by legend.

With Mad Harriette having some influence over the group, she asked that half of them (4 of the 9) be dispatched to go back and check on the humans that the party left on the north side of the island a week ago to make sure they were ok.

With that the party, along with 5 merfolk in tow, entered the complex and ran into their first battle with some not so normal skeletal figures that managed to drop a couple party members and kill one of the merfolk in the ensuing battle.

To be continued…



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