The Serpents Skull

Day 13 (evening)

The group hunkered down in the entry way of the under sea-level structure to try and recuperate some but after the barbarian decided to play ‘throw an axe at the target’ and various other noise making activities, the group encountered another small black skin and bones doll construct that managed to get them back on their toes. They had all the exits covered so they weren’t sure where the thing came from until one of the merfolk guards found a trap door in one of the alcoves in the room. Mad Hariette managed to capture the creature and soon found out it DID speak and that the groups rouge, Sendan, understood that language.. (and six others!, he was a genius after all), they proceeded to interrogate it when…

“What the heck is that noise?”

That was one of the questions floating around after a loud rumbling sound accompanied a breeze about that time as the entry way soon flooded with water again. It seems the sea level outside couldn’t stay down forever. The entry door closed with that event, automatically it seemed but the heroes found a lever that would open it again, so they at least were not trapped.
The shock of the incoming water did have unforeseen consequences though, Mad Hariette broke the doll’s neck out of ‘accidental’ frustration. (See what happens when the DM gets to run your character? Ha!)

The barbarian turned back to the trap door and when ‘pulling it up’ failed, he managed to ‘break it to pieces with my sword’ technique. It worked quite well.

Having disturbed the area down the twenty foot drop of the chute below the trap door another one of the doll creatures climbed out and began to wreak havoc on the group but was quickly dispatched.

The party then got back going, taking one of the double doors out of the entrance way and made their way into the place, killing a few skeletons over here, leaving two merfolk soldiers behind to watch the exit bridge, falling into a trapped pit over there (Which killed one of the merfolk and nearly took out Sgt. Kelarn, the leader of the merfolk party) and making their way down another passage where Sendan actually found the next pit trap and disabled it just in time for the group turn around to face a horrid creature. It was a mound of toothy mouths and eyes and was putting a good whooping on the barbarian who stepped up to take the brunt of the beasts attacks but the groups efforts managed to keep anyone from falling to the vile creature.
(They managed to find a couple of glass vial potions of some sort inside the creature after

Exhausted and spent. The group stopped for a rest before the next set of doors before them, having cleared out all the other rooms (other than that trap door pit and the odd little ‘tunnels’ at the bottom of the pit they fell into).



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