The Serpents Skull


The adventurers, with their newly acquired village of dead bodies, decided to check out the pit in the village center and found it was a cavernous underground. Treading carefully they soon encountered the undead horrors that lurked below including the answer to what happened to the captain of the Jenivere via a bloody note he had left behind in the caves.

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They soon also found some clues about a serpentine cult via an ancient temple area. With some magical comprehension assistance from the groups witch, they found the following information as well.

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Soon after that and much more undead destroyed, they ran into the den mother who ran this place. Unlike the others she was a thinking being of magical prowess that had the group on their heels in an instant with promises of everlasting life and a spell of absolute darkness in tight quarters. The tide soon turned as a back to back crit action from the witch, Mad Hariette and the cleric, Innovo, destroyed the overwhelmed den mother, ending the rule of the islands cannibalistic – undead union.
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