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JAN 20, 2013

  • Updated spell system to use a non memorization rule. If it is in your spell book, you can use a spell point on it.

June 21, 2012

  • Gelik’s Journal Added (Removed from Journal)
  • Journal is now for out of game information.

June 17, 2012

  • Adventure log updated
  • Wiki page for experience updated
  • Group inventory updated
  • Camp Setup updated

Welcome to the adventure!

Hello friends. I have been dabbling with Obsidian portal for a few years off and on and think it would be a great place for us all to come together and is a good central location to publish information about the game that everyone can get to. Check out the Wiki tab for more info.

We will not be using the forums here as I am using the free version. The Items tab will be for important or quest type items. The calendar is out as it is for upgrades only, I’ll keep in touch about scheduling via email and Facebook. The Map tab will be useful as well down the road.


As we get this started I will need everyone to make sure they have selected a home port over at the Journey of the Jenivere section. All this information and more can be found in the FREE Pdf download from the Paizo website: Serpents Skull Players Guide (You will need a free account for the download.)

It also looks like we have the capability to keep characters here online for anyone that wants to go that route. Once created I can hand ownership of that c-sheet over so that you can edit it or we can just stick to the traditional paper sheets we have all already started.

This site will be good to keep track of NPCs, Experience, Loot and the adventure log, which I plan on updating but is also available to anyone who wants to possibly have their own write up included in the log from their characters perspective. That is really up to you and how in depth you like to play.

The Serpents Skull

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